Insane High Volume Full Body Work out. The "300" Spartan workout is a warm up compared to this.

Are you up for the challenge?

See the insanity in the video below:

The work out:

Leave no stone unturned. This workout will hit every major muscle group you can think of, and leave your body begging for mercy. It isn't for everyone, hell there are a bunch of technical proficiencies that will instantly turn a lot of lifters away (I'm looking at you cleans). But if you're man enough to give it a go, GO FORTH!

Rest 60-90sec between sets, grit your teeth and get through it:

  1. Clean + 5x fronts squats, 10 sets 
  2. Strict Overhead Press to L sit pull up, 8 + 8, 8 sets 
  3. Romanian deadlift to penally row, 8 + 8, 8 sets 
  4. Floor Press to Push Up, 20 + 20, 5 sets. 

Thats a total of 352 reps.

Why would you do this?

Maybe you're a little crazy and don't like people telling you it is going to be to difficult? Maybe you want to be the dude in the gym that people are simultaneously impressed and confused by what you're doing? Or maybe, like me, you have gym ADHD and like to mix in some random workouts just to remind yourself that you're human.

But in all honesty this workout can serve few different purposes. If you have a full body volume day in your routine then this can have you covered. Or if you've been on a gym hiatus for a while and opt for volume over load to shock your body back into submission before you begin a training plan, this will bring the desired effects. Finally, it's also a great way to break up the monotony training can have, especially if you lift in the usual "squat, bench, deadlift" parameters. Try it between a few training blocks, test your mettle.

If you have the work capacity to keep pushing through this you'll find it can be done in a relatively short amount of time. So, the next time you "can't fit the gym in", this is my offer to you. Not only do you have time, you can hit EVERY muscle group in that time.

How it works:

Supersets, and isometric contraction.

Why superset?

As you can see, the workout itself is made up of 4 supersets, making it a total of 8 exercises. As volume is the main driver of the workout, the point is to fit as much in efficiently, while still allowing some recovery during each working set. The supersets work by either using antagonistic movements (the over head press is a vertical push, the chin up is a vertical pull) or by putting one of the main movers into an isometric contraction to increase time under tension for additional "volume" in that area.

1a. Clean - Main mover: Quads, glutes, hamstring and traps.

1b. Front Squat - Main mover: Quads, glutes, hamstring. Isometric contraction: Traps and abdominals

2a. Over Head Press - Main mover: Anterior and  lateral deltoids, triceps, abs.

2b. L Sit Pull Up - Main mover: Lats, biceps, posterior deltoids. Isometric Contraction: Abs.

3a. Romanian deadlift - Main mover: Glutes, hamstrings, lower back. Isometric contraction: Lats, traps, abs.

3b. Penally Row - Main mover: Lats, traps, abs. Isometric contraction: Glutes, hamstrings, lower back

4a. Floor Press - Main mover: Triceps, anterior deltoids

4b. Push ups: Pecs triceps, and serratus. Isometric Contraction: Abs.

As you can see, we have pretty much everything covered with this set ups. It will definitely challenge you, and if you do happen to give it a go, let me know hoe it goes!

With this kind of push-pull superstition set up you could create a wealth of full body high volume workouts. I know this because I have, this just happens to be my favourite one!

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