Do You Want to Learn How to be CONFIDENT in the Gym, and use FREE WEIGHTS for a LASTING TRANSFORMATION?



This is our unique 6-week online training system, that is already changing lives, giving girls confidence in the gym, and producing lasting results!


Are you sick of all the “made for Instagram” workouts you see girls doing that don’t get you the results they claim they do? 

thousands of posts on how to “target your booty”, “spot reduce body fat” and “tone problem areas” They flood your feed with “30 day squat challenges”, “fit teas”, “waist trainers”..

Yet you never get the results of the person showing you these things?

And you’re not alone…

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FACT: Those instagram “influencers” don’t look the way they do because of these workouts they put out.

Those are purely an exercise in advertising for that influencer! These mini workouts, supplement advice, and pushing of products are created in order for you to stay hooked on that person. It is to grow their social media, their bank accounts, rather than provide you with the information to make YOU CONFIDENT in guiding you to your fitness and health goals.

 These girls work hard doing real exercise in the gym, they have a strength foundation and are training in a completely different way to what they are promoting through their social media.

Now are you seeing why the information associated with female fitness isn’t producing the results you think it should?

 And this is completely intentional!!

Learning how to make progress in the gym would remove these influencers ability to create easy content for their Instagram, Facebook, and blogs. By you not making the progress you want, but seeing these people all toned and in shape makes you think YOU’RE doing something wrong…not that it is their advice that is what is letting you down.

 So you keep following them. You keep trying to work out what they are doing differently.

 And their social media audience keeps growing.

GIRLS GET GAINS – a 6 Week Introduction to Training with Weights.

Hi Ladies!

I was once in a very similar situation to you, I had tried various ways to get in shape, and while the things I tried worked to a certain degree, it was never anything that lasted long term. I would get sick of all the cardio, food restrictions, and the contradictory advice online that would leave me feeling demotivated and confused.

When I met Damien a couple of years ago, he introduced me to a new way of training, a way that works. He listened to my frustrations, and let me know that they were similar to many of the female clients he trained (being a personal trainer and strength coach for years), and began to help me discover the magic of training with free weights.

2 years later and I feel at home in the gym, I love that having more knowledge  on weight training has boosted my confidence… not to mention the incredible transformational qualities it has had on my body!

 We realized together that I wasn’t alone with this problem. Many girls with the right advice and direction could achieve these results. If only they had access to all the workout plans, knowledge, and an ability to check in with a qualified personal trainer when questions arised for them during training 

 So we got to work, building a system to help train girls, boost their confidence, and give them access to input from of a REAL personal trainer whenever they needed.

 And this allowed us to create the Girls Get Gains Programme.
In this service you will…

  • Learn how to confidently use the free weights in the gym

  • Learn the EXACT exercises that are important to make sure you are always progressing.

  • Always have access to a qualified personal trainer to guide you… direct messaging goes straight to our personal phones. 

  • Have access to a HUGE range of video tutorials to explain to you how to do everything in the program. 

  • Understand how to manage your nutrition to hit your goals!

  • Be provided with a workout plan, emailed directly to you each day(or accessed through the handy iOS app) that allows you to know what to do.

  • Be kept accountable by checking off workouts and receiving feedback from us.

  • Visual statistics and graphs to help you understand your progress

  • All the services of having a personal trainer

 …at a fraction of the cost for hiring one.

Personally, I wouldn’t attempt learning all this on my own. The internet is so over saturated with contradictory information that you’re likely to just get lost

 I mean it…

Don’t potentially waste YEARS trying to figure out what you need to do

Even the most experienced athletes have trainers… and they arguably should know exactly what they are doing. 

The same applies here!

Damien and I have done all the hard work. We’ve made all the training mistakes, the set backs, and seen a multitude of results various clients over the years who have tried to figure it out themselves.

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into a simple, easy to follow training plan for you, so you don’t have to have any set backs.

So now you don’t have to go it alone!

Normally Damien charges $80 per hour for personal training… meaning this plan would cost you $1920 to have access to a personal trainer for the whole thing… and for you, its only $120


That is $20 per a week… Less than it would cost for a SINGLE session with Damien.

  • Become strong and confident! 

  • Become knowledgable on which exercises to do

  • Avoid potential injury and setbacks

  • Go from guessing if you’re progressing, to seeing EXACTLY how far you’ve come.

  • Have your friends wonder how you managed to do exactly what they wish they coud do

The choice is yours…

Click the “Add To Cart” button…we only take on a handful of Girls Get Gains clients at a time, as we truly believe in being available for you, when you need us, to keep you progressing! 


Girls Get Gains
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the plan work?

Before you checkout, we you will fill out a form that allows us to see what experience you have so that we can customise the starting point of the plan for your needs.

After we receive payment, we will notify you of your log in for the TrueCoach (formerly known as FitBot, so it is the same as the one demonstrated in the video below) app so that you can start receiving your workouts!

How quickly do I receive the plan?

We do our best to add you to the programme as quickly as possible, and you should receive your invite to login to the TrueCoach app within 48 hours. We generally recommend you start the plan on a Monday as that is how it is designed to sync up with your week, but any day is possible.

What equipment is required for the programme?

The plan is an introduction to free weights, so you’re going to need just that. You’ll need to be part of a gym that has a squat rack, and barbells that can have weight added and removed from them. This is the main equipment you’ll be learning to use, so its very important that you have access to that.

How many days per a week is this programme?

The Girls get gains programme is 6 weeks in total, and consists of 3 training days at the gym (generally Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and one day that can be performed at the home (making a total of 4 days per week).

Girls Get Gains

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars

6 Week strength training program designed by a woman, for women.

  • The perfect place to transition from bodyweight exercises to using free weights.

  • Video tutorials for every exercise

  • 24/7 communication with Sophie & Damien, sent directly to their personal phones in real time.

  • Easy to follow workouts, sent daily to your phone.

Please note that this plan requires you to have access to a gym with at least a squat rack and barbells

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