The Genesis Online Coaching

The Genesis Online Coaching

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  • A copy of “The Genesis” an Ebook that goes into full detail on how the training programme works

  • Included in the plan is recommended diet and macros, as well as advice on supplementation

  • All communications go directly to my personal phone!

  • Plans sent to you daily, directly to your phone.

  • Videos included for all exercises.

  • 20% off in person coaching for all online clients

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Damien Rabaud - your online strength coach.

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I've been helping people get strong for many years, but up until now it has always been in person. But by popular demand I have now made my services available online, from me straight to your phone. . There are too many scummy online trainers out there and I refuse to be one of them.

You'll have direct access to me, 24/7. Why would I expect you to be accountable for your training if I'm not going to be accountable as your coach?

How do I receive my workouts?

I use a program called Fitbot to manage my clients. This is an easy way to put us in contact instantly, adjust your workouts on the fly. No pesky emails backwards and forwards, opening excel files, or any of that. This is about as close as we can get to me being right there next to you. No app download required.

Not comfortable hiring a coach you've never spoken face-to-face before?

Coaching is a very personal thing, and I can understand if there is any hesitation in hiring one you've never met before. Fill out the form below for a FREE NO OBLIGATIONS video call where we can discuss anything that might concern you, and find out how I can help.