Triple Threat: The Best Damn Push, Pull Legs System.

Triple Threat: The Best Damn Push, Pull Legs System.



Triple Threat: The Best Damn Push Pull Legs System.

  • Over 40 Pages of information and programming

  • Original 12 Week Triple Threat plan, specifically designed to build mass and strength.

  • includes a spreadsheet to project all your progressions. Just fill in your initial numbers, and the spreadsheet will tell you EXACTLY what you have to squat bench and deadlift each session to make progress.

  • Increase your squat, bench and deadlift.

  • Build a balanced physique.

  • 10 additional templates designed around the Triple Threat System included.

  • Instructions on how to alter the plan for your needs, target weaknesses, and continue to get stronger even after the initial training.

  • Initial plan written by myself is 12 weeks, but the possibilities are endless.

    I recommend running my FREE novice plan available here if you are new to lifting.

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