10 Reasons Women Should Be Strength Training!

We all know that any form of exercise is good for the body and the mind, however If you don’t currently use weights in your gym routines, I’m going to tell you why you should start today!

10 benefits of weight training

  • Increase in muscle strength, - This effects everything in our life, wether it’s carrying our children around, working a physical job. Having muscle strength takes pressure off our joints leading to less injuries down the line.
  • Fat burning, - a lot of people don’t realise this but the more muscle you have = the more fat you burn, leading you to have a more balanced healthy muscle to fat ratio. Not only when working out, the more muscle you have on your body the more kilojoules you burn even when you are resting! We can’t say no to that!
  • Improved posture, balance and sleep
  • Mood booster! - As with most exercise you are going to get an endorphin rush, those feel good vibes that flood your body, leading to a happier more positive you!
  • “Tone” - A lot of people misinterpret what it is to be toned. When someone appears toned, it’s because they have increased the amount of muscle on their body and burnt off body fat. Saying “I want to be toned but not bulky” isn’t a thing - You won’t become bulky as a women without taking some sort of enhancement, we just don’t have that kind of testosterone in our bodies like men do. In fact the only thing you will enhance is your banging womanly curves!
  • Building a strong lower back, (posterior chain) helps support your body during pregnancy. Because carrying around a baby is a workout in itself!
  • Focuses your mind on a goal that isn’t physical - I believe chasing a number goal such as wanting to be able to bench press 30 kg for example, and ticking off small goals along the way, is much healthier mentally than continually focusing on what you want to change about your physical appearance. Focus on the numbers and the physical effects will come over time. 
  • Strong bones - As we age, us women naturally lose bone density, (it’s hard being a woman sometimes!) weight training can help build and maintain bone density, so we can live stronger, longer!
  • Enhances your athleticism, - Weight training can improve your abilities in other sports. Having a solid strength base helps improve many other elements of athleticism such as speed, power, agility and endurance
  • Never needing to ask a man to open a jar for you again! Haha I’m joking with this one , but really how good does it feel ;) 

If you are interested into getting into strength training, but don't know where to start, check out our introductory plan designed for women to do just that - Girls Get Gains"

Girls Get Gains

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  • The perfect place to transition from bodyweight exercises to using free weights.

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Please note that this plan requires you to have access to a gym with at least a squat rack and barbells

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